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“Capture special moments like these so your family can watch them forever!”

Heirlooma is like a Will for your memories. It protects your photos & videos and shares them according to your wishes – after you’re gone.

heirlooma helps you create and store
everlasting memories
that are securely passed from one generation to the next

Heirlooma ensures that your memories never have to experience data loss and ensures your memories will be playable well in to the future, as they will be automatically upgraded as new technologies emerge. Heirlooma also helps control from whom and when your memories are accessed – even after you are gone.

You can access Heirlooma from anywhere you can access the internet. Simply open the Heirlooma app, and all your memories are ready to be watched – and new memories created.

Your memories are only ever a tap away.

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How it works

Select who has access to your memories.

Select when and who has access to your memories

Your memory access codes and inheritors are automatically sent to a trusted person you nominate. Instructions are provided to that person automatically, so they know how to unlock and share your memories as per your wishes.


How are memory instructions updated?

Your nominated person will automatically receive instructions as new memories are added. The instructions will include how to unlock and share your memories as per your wishes.

When do memory inheritors see my memories?

Your nominated person releases your memories in accordance with your wishes. Memories remain “locked” from all inheritors until the person you nominated releases them.

How do memory inheritors see my memories?

Inside the instructions left in the care of your nominated person, there will be directions they follow to unlock your memories. Once your memories are unlocked, your memory inheritors will be able to scan a code to add the memories they have inherited to their own Heirlooma app.

What length can my video recordings be?

Heirlooma videos have an unlimited recording time. If you are recording a video with Heirlooma that stops recording, this is only because your device has run out of its own storage space while recording your video.

How will my memories last ‘forever’?

So long as your memory inheritors choose to keep your memories in their Heirlooma app, Heirlooma will automatically update your memories with the latest technology. Your inheritors can then choose to pass on your memories to inheritors they nominate, thus enabling multi-generational inheritance.

Are my memories secured?

All memories stored with Heirlooma are done so securely using high encryption standards. This ensures your memories are only ever accessed by others as you intend.

What does Heirlooma cost?

You can create as many memories as you like, each for as long as you like, for a flat fee of $12 per year.

You can cancel anytime.

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Family - Everlasting memories

My Family
Everlasting memories

“My family means the world
to me, so I keep our
most precious memories
with heirlooma”

Getting started is easy!

4 simple steps for everlasting memories

4 simple steps for everlasting memories
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